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Volume 07, Issue 02 (June 2024)

# Article Title Page No.
1 Comparative Analysis of Hip Implant Geometry Modifications using Finite Element Analysis 01 - 14
2 Exploring the Effects of Blank Holding Force and Friction Coefficient Variations on Aluminum Alloy Deep Drawing: A Finite Element Analysis 15 - 25
3 Advanced Control Strategies for Induction Motors: A Simulation-Based Analysis 26 - 45
4 Optimizing Stand-Alone Solar Systems with AI-Controlled Battery Management: Comparative Performance Analysis under Transient Conditions 46 - 55
5 AI Based Converter Control Design for Power Quality Enhancement in Common AC Line Solar-Wind Hybrid System 56 - 70
6 Innovative Solar Drying Techniques for Sustainable Applications 71 - 75
7 Enhancing Grid-Integrated Solar Systems Efficiency and Stability Through Advanced Control Algorithms 76 - 95
8 Optimizing Photovoltaic Panel Cooling: Insights from Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations 96-104
9 Advancements and Challenges in Electric Vehicle Adoption: A Global Perspective on Policy, Technology and Supply Chain Management 105-117
10 Optimization of Renewable Energy Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Flywheel Energy Storage 118-140
11 The Rise of Electric Vehicles: Global Adoption, Challenges and Future Prospects 141-179
12 Optimization of Window-to-Wall Ratio for Energy Efficiency and Comfort in Office Buildings Across Diverse Climates in Iran 180-198
13 Computational Analysis of Modified Disk Brake Rotors: Structural and Thermal Characteristics Using ANSYS 199-224
14 A Review Paper on Analysis and Design of Pre Cast Box for RUB and Road 225-231