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Volume 05, Issue 02 (June 2022)

# Article Title Page No.
1 Effect of Porous Medium and Nano Particles Presences in a Counter-Present Day Triple-Tube Composite System 01 - 11
2 Parametric Study and Thermal Analysis of heat Sink in CPU by using ANSYS Software 12 - 21
3 Review on Cascade Refrigeration Systems and Types of Refrigerants 22 - 26
4 Comparative Performance and CFD Analysis of R160, R290, and R600 27 - 40
5 A Detailed Review on Efficient Mitigation Techniques for Issues Concerning Power Quality 41 - 45
6 Study of Control Strategies for Unified Power Quality Controller in Grid Power Quality Improvement 46 - 50
7 Quality Analysis Utilizing UPQC With Sensitive Loads Driven by HDE Based Controllers 51 - 69
8 Controlling of Variable Structure Power Electronics for Self-Contained Photovoltaic Power Technologies 70 - 77
9 Shunt Active Filters A Review on Control Techniques 78 - 81
10 A Detailed Review on Engineering Attacks in Social Networking Websites 82 - 90
11 CFD Analysis for Single Pass and Double Pass Winglet Type SAH 91-105
12 Heat Transfer CFD Analysis in Different Tube Forms of Heat Exchanger 106-112
13 An Algorithm for Recovering Data for e-Health Applications using Compressed Sensing 113-116
14 Analysis of OFDM System using Smoothing Filter 117-122
15 Reduced BRE in OFDM System using ANN Technique for Optical Communication 123-127
16 Performance analysis of Power system after Implementation of FACTS Devices 128-134
17 A Review on Fault Current Limiting Circuits - Its Classification, Benefits and Traditional Methods 135-141
18 Impact Analysis on Delivery Ratio and Overhead Ratio by varying Buffer Size 142-146
19 Mathematical and CFD Assessment of Double Tube Heat Exchanger having Three Different Designs 147-163
20 A Detailed Study of Power Enhancement using DSTATCOM 164-172
21 Indirect Matrix Converters as Generator Grid 173-184
22 Microstructural and erosive wear characteristics of a of SG iron and Ductile Iron 185-192
23 Structural Analysis of Ladder Chassis for Optimization 193-201
24 A Novel Method of Cognitive Spectrum Sensing in DWT based MIMO-OFDM 202-210
25 A Review on Application of Machine Learning to Detect Depression from EEG signals 211-214
26 A Review on Optimization Algorithm based Cluster Head Selection in WSN 215-219
27 Overview of DFIG and PMSM for the Voltage Fluctuations in Wind Turbine System 220-225
28 Analysis of Stability in Power System by Designing Two Area Four Machines System 226-241
29 Applications and Power Quality Issues in Power System 242-249
30 Detailed Review on Multilevel Inverters Driving Renewable Energy Systems with PWM Modulation Technique 250-256
31 Inverter Control Designing to Optimize the Output Parameters in Solar PV System Driving Motor Load 257-267
32 A Detailed Review on Object Tracking Algorithm for VLSI Applications 268-272
33 Detailed Analysis of Cyber Attacks on Internet Platform 273-281
34 CFD Analysis for Enhancing the Heating Performance on the Chimneys 282-297
35 Review on Solar Chimney in Natural Ventilation 298-303
36 A Review Paper on Generation of Electric Power by Using Renewable Energy Systems 304-308