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Volume 05, Issue 03 (September 2022)

# Article Title Page No.
1 A Hybrid Digital Watermarking Scheme Modeled by Discrete Wavelet Transform 01 - 09
2 Experimental Investigation on a Concrete Sample using Red Mud as a Partial Replacement of Portland Cement 10 - 19
3 Overview of use of Red Mud in Construction Sector 20 - 24
4 Enhancement of Thermal Performance of Solar Air Heater using Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis 25 - 36
5 Novel Technique Used for Data Mining to Reduce the loss and Enhance the Outcome 37 - 45
6 A Review on Power Quality Issues and Reactive Power Compensation System 46 - 50
7 Assessment of Solar-Hydro Based Renewable Energy System for Stabilization using Artificial Intelligence based Controller 51 - 60
8 Review on Machine Learning in Suspecting Money Laundering 61 - 65
9 Review on Collaborative Filtering Machine Learning Approach for Recommendation Systems 66 - 70
10 Simulation of APLC with a PI controller for a three-phase, four-wire system with four switching leg 61 - 78
11 Image Compression using Fully Pipelined and Multiplierless 2D DCT_IDCT Architecture for JPGE Encoder 79 - 85
12 Implementation of CMOS Based SRAM Memory 86 - 92
13 The AC-DC bridge converter simulated in MATLAB software 93 - 99
14 MPPT algorithm for solar wind system using standard perturbs and observe method 100-105
15 Emotion Detection from EEG Signal using KPCA and LSTM 129-137
16 Evaluation of Performance of Data Driven Dynamic Rating for Grid Transformers 138-146
17 Biogas Power Production and Optimization from Municipal Solid Waste 147-153
18 Investigation by modeling of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicles 154-162
19 A parametric study of process parameters in external thread rolling 163-167
20 Mechanisms of a 3-axis Pant Router CNC Machine Design and Experiment 168-173
21 Analyzing the Impact of SFCL in Evaluating Short-Circuit Current in the Electrical Power System and Artificial based Controlling Techniques 174-185
22 A Short Review on Fault Detection and Fault Classification in Transmission Lines 186-191
23 A Review on Different Types of Faults in Induction Motor and Methods to Control Speed of Induction Motors 192-199
24 An Enhanced Algorithm for Selecting Cluster Heads in Wireless Sensor Networks 200-203
25 Thermal Analysis of Triple Effect Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System 204-213
26 Application of Taguchi Method to Optimize the Hybrid Solar Water Flat Plate Collector System Development - A Review 214-219
27 Review on Different Types of Faults in PV Systems and Reducing PV Module Mismatch 220-223
28 Classification, Causes and Effects of Faults in Power Distribution Systems - A Review 224-229
29 Role of Different Types of Nano-fluids to Enhance the Performance of Heat Transfer Heater Exchangers - A Review 230-240
30 Electricity Generation Through Solar and Wind Based Hybrid Energy System - A Review 241-244
31 Smart Parking Systems: A Comprehensive Review Using Machine Learning 245-248
32 Comparative analysis of Motor SPEED Control Techniques based on optimization algorithm 249-259
33 Parameter Optimization of Four Leg Multilevel Converter using Current Loop Control Strategy 260-267
34 Electricity Generation Through Solar and Wind Based Hybrid Energy System: A Review 268-271
35 Classification, Causes and Effects of Faults in Power Distribution Systems: A Review 272-277
36 Fast and Robust Video Watermarking Technique under Attack Conditions 278-290
37 A Review of Socially Designed Attacks through Social Networking Websites 291-296
38 Access and Authentication Frameworks for IoT Networks 297-308
39 A Novel Approach for Enhancement of State Estimation in Renewable Power System 309-319
40 An overview of production planning and control in the make-to-order industry 320-325
41 Switched Capacitor Based Hybrid DC-DC Converter: A Review 326-334
42 Study of Road Geometry for the Improvement of Road Accident 335-338